Grace Ray is a professional makeup artist in the NYC area specializing in portrait, fashion, and hairstyling for photoshoots, events, and fashion shows. Ms. Ray started her career working for Bare Minerals before moving to NY to train and graduate from the prestigious Makeup Designory in New York, NY. Evolving from Bare Minerals- Grace joined the Sephora team, helping to manage a team of employees on product knowledge and sales.

Having recently moved back to the NYC area from Annapolis, MD she is using her vast product knowledge and skills to revolutionalize how clients feel about the retail cosmetic industry. 

Grace Ray is now accepting clients in the NYC area. Her working style is professional and friendly. She will make you feel most confident for wherever life is taking you.

Contact Info:

(410) 370.6763

New York, New York

About the Brand

'a little gray' was built off the idea that that cosmetic industry should never be seen as black and white. There is no right or wrong way to wear to apply makeup, and anyone who tells you differently has no idea of the true purpose of modern-day cosmetics. The combined products that are designed to help men and women feel their best and most confident- have turned themselves into a trillion-dollar industry, that even in the decline of retail, is still thriving.

I began my journey in cosmetic retail and worked there for a year before venturing onto freelance makeup artistry. After my time at the Makeup Designory in Manhattan, I returned to cosmetic retail and began working as an assistant manager within one of the biggest cosmetic retailers in the game- Sephora. While my time there was amazing, I soon found out what bothered me so much with the industry that I almost left it entirely. 

I was always finding clients walking through the door always starting the conversation with the same statement.

"I know this is stupid but-"

"I should already know this but-"

To be honest, there is no reason anyone should automatically know how to apply makeup, yet everyone thought that they should. In this day and age where Instagram and social media are kings, people are more inclined to believe that they should know how to wear a jet black smokey eye and a dark contour. In reality, those looks don't suit everyone. That's where my years of retail, product knowledge, and pro makeup application techniques come in handy. I have spent years analyzing different faces and skin tones, creating a knack for foundation matching. The thing is, you don't have to know about makeup- because I have your back.

I will help you to understand what those famous YouTubers could never be able to; how to customize to your face and your skin. Having worked with both drug store and high-end products, I know which products are worth the hype and which bust. I have done the research so that you don't have to worry about something as trivial as your foundation matching your neck or which eyeliner looks best on your eye color.  

That leads me to another thing that I found while working retail. I couldn't help everyone. Stores are often understaffed, and even when properly staffed, there are always tasks that need to be done- such as stock, cleaning, sales reports, cashiering, and helping other clients. When working in the store, the employees can never help everyone. It's not their fault. That leaves so many people with unanswered questions, and many faces unrealized. I always felt bad when a client would leave the store before I even had a chance to see what they needed help with!

With cosmetic consulting, I am able to give one-on-one help with a personal touch. With an allowance of time dedicated solely to one person, neither of us have to worry about a rush of clients coming through the door or having to break away from trying new products to assist another client. Everyone gets their share of education and product recommendations. 

I've done the work so you don't have to!

Allow yourself to skip the clustered department stores and the madness of the Time Square Sephora. Don't worry about trying to grab a busy employee's attention to figure out if they have a certain product in stock. Let makeup become fun again by removing all the stress out of choosing what products work best and how to apply them.

Contact me for a one-on-one consultation, or check out my blog!

Grace Ray


New York, New York